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Solem Ch4.
Immediately Emily's mom comes running out of the house, and slides to a halt when she sees Emily, who is still smoking a little but otherwise unharmed. Emily's mom is skinny and tired-looking, as if she were aging prematurely. She's also wearing a business suit and high heels. After the shock of seeing Emily, she immediately runs up to her and starts brushing soot and ash off her coat.
"Emily! What happened?!? Are you alright?"
"I think I'm okay," says Emily after a few coughs. "But I think I was just struck by lightning."
"Do we need to take you to the hospital? Are you sure you were struck by-"
Emily's mom looks up at the clear blue sky, and then looks down and sees Solem. Their eyes connect.
"What is that."
"It's a cat, his name is Solem. Can I keep him?"
Emily's mom stares at Solem for a few seconds.
"Why?" is the only word she says.
"Because he's cute, and he followed me home…"
Still she keeps on staring at Solem as if he were something detestable. Solem stares right back, lo
:icongerfalcon:GerFalcon 3 17
Dragon TG TF Chapter 5.
"Up and at em boys and girls!" shouts Vashriel, bursting through the metal door and scaring me half out of my skin. Twilight is slower to wake though, just like I used to be. "The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it's a wonderful day to be alive!"
Vashriel is carrying an enormous leather saddle over his shoulder that looks like it weight a hundred pounds, and outside I see his dragon Chaff already harnessed up. He throws the bulky thing onto the ground in front of me.
I ask, in a good mood from a good night's rest.
"Nope," says Vash with a smile. "Can't afford to feed ya, you're gonna have to catch your own breakfast later. Twilight can grab something quick from the kitchen after she saddles you."
"What's going on?" asks Twilight, standing up and rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
"Flying lessons," answers Vash with a wild look in his eye.
Vash refuses to actually help us put the saddle on, but he offers all kinds of advice and instruction, most of which I think was purposefull
:icongerfalcon:GerFalcon 160 205
Mature content
Dragon TG TF Chapter 4. :icongerfalcon:GerFalcon 73 28
Solem Ch3.
Solem's eyes shine as he looks up at Emily. Emily flicks her golden hair out of her face, and turns to see the bus careening around the bend down the street.
"Oh good," says Emily with relief. "It's here."
"Who are you and what have you done with Emily?" jokes Jake, and as the bus screeches to a halt next to them he gets aboard. Somewhat to Emily's surprise, Solem doesn't try to follow her on board. She watches him sitting at the corner of the stop sign from the bus's window until they round the curve, and then relaxes. No more Solem, no more crazy cat.
"I've never been on a bus before."
Emily jumps, then turns to see Solem sitting next to her on the bus. He jumps up on her lap and looks out the window, his head flicking back and forth as watches trees go by. His tiny feet press the fact onto Emily that this really is a cat, and he really is on the bus.
"We are going really fast" he says, amazed "Almost as fast as flying, but without the wind."
"How did you, where did, what?"
"Oh, that
:icongerfalcon:GerFalcon 6 13
Mature content
Dragon TG TF Chapter 3. :icongerfalcon:GerFalcon 96 24
Dragon TG TF Chapter 2.
"On your feet boy," he says casually. I warily stand up, careful not to make any sudden moves. I'm soaking wet from the river and shivering from the cold and from fright.
"True what he said?"
"Yes sir," I say with my head down.
"How much d'ya steal?"
I immediately, though still slowly, pull out the wad of bills from my pocket. Straightening out the paper I count a petty thirty dollars, and hand it over to him.
He glances down at the money in his hand, juts his jaw, then his eyes dart back to me. I just stand there shivering, awaiting whatever judgment he might pass. I must look pathetic.
"Eaten lately?" he asks. He turns around, holstering his weapon, and flips open a pocket on the side of his dragon's saddle. He pulls out a flask, which he drinks from, then a square package wrapped in brown wax paper. He opens it up to reveal a sandwich, which he tears down the middle and hands half to me.
I silently take the food. Sliced meat, real cheese, tomatoes, rye bread… it's enough to nea
:icongerfalcon:GerFalcon 92 24
Dragon TG TF Chapter 1.
"Stop! Thief!"
Oh great, I'm boned.
I break into a run with the wallet, opening it up as I sprint in between pedestrians. I quickly stuff the bills into my pocket without counting them. The man is hot on my tail and mad as a bull. He kind of looks like a bull too: a broad shouldered, balding, red faced man in a tailored suit plowing his way towards me. He's gaining on me.
I throw the wallet at him and he ignores it entirely. He has eyes only for me.
I start really running now, he means business. I sure know how to pick them; not only did he feel me lift his wallet, he was also prepared to murder me for it.
He's almost caught up with me when I duck into an alleyway, using an old couple as cover in hopes that I might lose him. It doesn't work, and now I'm trapped.
"You!" he shouts as rounds the corner, laughing crazily and coughing as he tries to catch his breath. "Thought you'd get away didn't ya? Didn't nobody tell you it's wrong to steal?"
Well, yes. Someone did in fact tell me it was
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Solem Ch2.
"Solemnestrial at your service, but you may call me Solem. What's your name?"
The girl screams silently, one hand rising as if to fend of the black, shadowy monster on her bed, the other reaching for the lights. She touches the doorknob and immediately turns to run. However, instead of opening the door she slips, trips, and falls, eyes wide and mouth gaping, to the floor. She scrambles on her back for a few seconds, then stops, and her breathing returns in shallow gulps. Her eyes fix on Solem and they slowly shrink from wide with fear to squinting with curiosity. Trembling, she reaches up and flicks the lights on.
"Oh, it's a cat. I could've sworn…how did you get in here?" She walks back up to her bed, now much more collected and awake, and cautiously strokes his head.
"Through the attic," he purrs. The girl pulls her hand back sharply, and Solem looks at her quizzically.
"What?" asks Solem.
"I think I'm dreaming," says the girl. She stands up, rubs her arms as if to warm herself
:icongerfalcon:GerFalcon 5 1
Solem Ch1.
Written and edited by GerFalcon
A black, short haired cat walks along the curb down the road of a small subdivision. He's sleek, well groomed, with bright yellow eyes and a long, whippy tail. He walks purposefully, with the grace that only cat's have. His paws make no sound on the concrete, and he makes no noise at the barking dogs, walking around the jogging humans and completely ignoring everything not in his way. The street curves off to the right, but he keeps walking more or less straight, sauntering around fences, skirting puddles and mud, and finally jumping across a small creak before a large two story house looms up before him. It's old, with ivy on one wall, and there are toys laying out in the yard. A trampoline rusts on the wet grass, and the black haired cat walks under it, heading straight for that house and quickening his pace. A tree grows near the house, and the black cat leaps up it, walking with grace unusual even among cats to
:icongerfalcon:GerFalcon 5 1
Air Dragon
Air Dragon
Written by GerFalcon
If you could fly, weighed two tons, and were carrying a pair of very rich and fragile customers to a charity ball, how would you go about taking off? Would you leap into the air and accelerate as fast as you could into flight? Would you start off on a cliff and plummet into a gentle glide? Perhaps you might try taking off from a standing start using sheer wing power, level off at a hover, then slowly push forward until you reach a comfortable cruising speed? None of these, apparently, is desirable for someone who simply wants to arrive fashionably on dragonback, and I can't hover. I'm a dragon, not a humming bird.
The correct answer is that you find a nice, long, flat spot to take off from and get a running start. The gentler you are with your customers, the happier they'll be, the more they tip, and the more likely it is that they'll talk favorably with their friends and family about their experience with Air Dragon.
I have one such couple getting ready
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Chrissie, Horse Date
Chrissie walked up slowly; sedately. She hid her eagerness, though mostly from necessity. Running didn't suit long black dresses, or high heeled shoes; it wouldn't match the dignity expected of a woman with ruby red earrings, made to complement her hair; most of all, it wouldn't make the best impression on that night's date.
Moving to the front desk with a definite swerve, she smiled at the clerk. "Evening."
"Good evening, Ma'am." He smiles, a bit more friendly than really suits a waiter; but it paid to be on the help's good side. She smiled back. "You look ravishing tonight, if I may say so."
"Thank you," Chrissie responded, keeping her voice cool; not cold, but retracting a little of her friendship. "I have a reservation for two tonight?"
He nodded, looking down at his computer. "Yes, ma'am… Ms. Chrissie, right? With a… Jake?"
She smiled wider, nodding; "That's right.  Table for two, close to the bar; has the hot serving arrived already?"
The waiter shook his head
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Hi! GerFalcon here, the evil twin of the late PgFalcon. Two of his account got banned for pornographic content, but you can still find him here: or at his mainly adult website here: !

This will be an all clean account where I plan to write transformation and anthropomorphic, as well as fantasy, based literature on a semi regular basis. I may very well end up posting more stuff to this account than my other, due to the fact that I write a lot more clean stuff than I do dirty, and for the most part enjoy it more as well.

For the most part what I will write and upload here will be trash by my standards. It will be written on whims very quickly and expediently, quite possibly with a great deal of errors and flaws. This is going to be the purpose of this account, I will use it as practice and to exercise my creative thinking process by using a more stream of consciousness style rather than a structured style, which is good for you guys because it means more posts more often. I may also end up loading some more neatly done things, some old things, and things that may not appear to fit with this accounts theme, but for the most part I'm going to upload on a fairly regularly and try to have at maximum three story lines going at any given time, at minimum one.

I have a special love of dragons, so excuse me when the majority of my writing revolves around them. I also have certain favorite characters that I will use and reuse, or not, as well as favorite styles, worlds, ideas, and other patterns that will probably emerge as I write more. I try to be original, but I also have a comfortable and worn in technique to my writing. Technically still original, just not always new. I'll do my best to keep from repeating myself too often. =)

For the past three or four years I have been writing stories and keeping them to myself, occasionally sharing one or two with family. I think it's time to start sharing with you readers. I want to hear what you think, your honest opinion and critiques. I personally will probably agree with you if you don't like what I've written, or think it could be improved in some way, because to me my writings generally fall miles short of their intended goal. It's the artists curse I think, for my art to never meet my own expectations. Hopefully you'll enjoy it though, and it is pretty fun for me to write and create.

This account is here for me to improve and to learn, much like my other account is, as much as it is to share my work with others so that you can all enjoy it. So relax, enjoy, and have fun out there in this big old world. =D


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